Monday, July 6, 2009


She is my angel,
Or rather an archangel.
She is my hero,
All others in front of her are absolute zero.
But above all, she is my mother,
Whom I can compare with no other.

No matter, what she gets from me,
She has always one thing to give.
And that is her unconditional love.
My life is at her disposal,
Or else I am dead.

For any fault of mine,
She may scold.
But for my one simple smile,
She will let her universe to be sold.
When I am ill she stays awake whole night,
She prays to the lord to give me strength to fight.

No-one can ever harm me,
When she is with me, all others just flee.
I don't remember how many times I have told her,
That I love her more than she knows.
But action speaks louder than words,
Thus she never shows.

And her unconditional care,
Means so much to me that it makes me feel that life is a celebration.
Of love told in silent whispers.
And in this silence the truth resonates,

That I love her forever the most.


Surabhi said...

beautifully carved...good work.

krish said...

you have been excellent i am reading one after another poems you wrote keep up good work