Monday, July 6, 2009


Please honey,
Don't you worry !
With you I am always here,
Throw away all your fears !

I will dry the tears from your face.
And put happiness in its place.
If you will be alone, I will be your shadow !
If you want a hug, I will be your pillow !

If you want to cry, I will flow from your grace !
If you want to be happy, I will glow on your face !
My precious precious friend, I love you !
And I will never ever leave you !

If I be there for ever,
you would be too !

Together forever-
just me and you !

And soon will come a day,
When you will say,
With you my friend
All my sorrows started to end !

P.S. It may not be a literary brilliance, but its completely heart felt and through this poem I assure you my friend, through any obstacles or challenges, we will face them together.
P.S. I am sorry if there is any mistake in my writing because I am crying right now, I don't know what I am writing.


Monty said...

i believe you but still i dont believe you created such magical words at the age of 13...not even if u say 16 :P

Good posts.. keep writing :)

Saumya said...

@Monty-Hahaha...I did not write this poem when I was 13, I just named this blog as in when I was 13 because those Hindi poems were written by me when I was 13 and I never believed that I will be able to write poems but this poem i wrote this year and I am 16 , :P

Well thanks for your appreciation.

Monty said...

haha...good to know that u hv written at 16.. but hard to believe

Go ahead n i feel u can make a mark of your own soon enough...just follow ur passion...

Saumya said...

@ Monty- Thank you so much. :)

Restless poet said...

You have a good poet in you.keep writing,thanks for becoming my follower!~!